What Do Real Agents Do For a Seller?

While each of us works a bit differently the following should give you the scope of what we do.  First and foremost it is what we do before we see you as a client.  It is the combination of our experience, education and active role in the real estate field that gives us the base of expertise to be able to help you sell your property.  A professional agent knows what the current marketplace is like, has been previewing properties for years, knows what type properties are selling quickly, what type are languishing and other market conditions that will impact the marketing of yours.

A competent agent has continued to be educated and updated on changing laws, rule and regulations effecting real estate.  We must continually update ourselves with the changing technologies so we can successfully stay abreast of new methods of marketing (like Internet, email and the web the last few years).  Effective Agents are constantly building their source of other professionals who can do the multitude of  tasks that are needed to take place in a real estate transaction.  Carpet Cleaners, Contractors, Handyman, Finish Carpenters, Back Hoe Operators, Painters, Plumbers, Window Glaziers, Electricians, Heating Companies, Chimney Inspectors, Debris Hauling, Gardeners, Escrow Officers, Tile Services, Well Testers, Well Drillers, Termite Inspectors, Home Inspectors, Home Stagers, Lenders and more, need to be in our 'little black book' to be able to effectively assist our clients through a timely escrow. 

All that said, now what happens when an Agent Assists the Seller::

  1. Meet to determine what the Seller's objectives.
  2. Verifies ownership title, and specifics of the property according to public record
  3. Views the property, noting attributes and/or improvements needed
  4. Prepares a CMA (comparable Market  Analysis)of like properties to determine value
  5. Works with Seller to schedule appointments for property inspections to determine if any, structural repairs or improvements are needed.
  6. Evaluates with Seller all Reports and Inspections.
  7. Provides the required Disclosures for Seller to complete or order.
  8. Assist Seller in obtaining additional cost estimates for repairs or improvements sited in inspections.
  9. Determines a marketing strategy for the property.
  10. Assist Seller in minimal staging - furniture placement, hauling and storage. If appropriate hire a home staging consultant.
  11. Schedule the placing the property on the active market.
  12. Write Ads, take photos, schedule any specialty or virtual tour photography.
  13. Place Ads into the various media. 
  14. Schedule final polish to property  - window washed, fresh flowers, etc. 
  15. Enter the property into MLS & any other remaining into Advertising  Media.
  16. Order 'For Sale' Sign posted.
  17. Have Keys made & tested, with extra set in case of emergencies, place set in Lock box on property.
  18. Place Flyers outside and inside the property.
  19. Prepare 'Property Information Notebook' with copies of all disclosures and inspections & place at property.
  20. Prepare extra packages of Notebook for Agents with interested clients.
  21. Determine Seller's schedule for offer presentations, if any.
  22. Hold Broker's open house, plan incentives such as food or drawing.
  23. Arrange with Seller to collect cards of other Agents who show the property.
  24. Call Agents on cards collected by Seller for input and feedback on property showings
  25. Weekly check-in with Seller to review the real estate market and their property.
  26. If no offers, evaluation of ads, price and other factors reviewed, make adjustments if needed, go back to 22.).
  27. Offer presentations scheduled
  28. Offers evaluated with seller, if Seller is buying another property, coordinate terms of both transactions.
  29. If offer accepted, prepare a schedule of pertinent dates for contingency removals and key dates in the escrow.
  30. If offer accepted, any additional disclosures or inspections due from the Seller are prepared and ordered.
  31. If offer accepted, follow up calls to any party needing to provide information on the transaction.
  32. Review with Seller any new or additional reports the Buyer has made
  33. Follow up on Contingency removals and other deadlines due from Buyer and Buyer's Agent.
  34. Upon removal of all contingencies by Buyer, Review final tasks with Seller, i.e. Movers scheduled, etc.
  35. Schedule signing of escrow closing papers with escrow officer  2 days to 2 weeks prior to close of escrow.
  36. Schedule moving, cleaning people & final  walk through the property.
  37. Arrange to for key transfer to Buyer
  38. Order Sign removal
  39. Remove Lock box
  40. Congratulations! With a minimum of 4 inspections (& sometimes more than 10), and a minimum of 17 documents (& usually more than one can count), You've Sold Your Home!
  41. The Agent fields odds and ends, calls and assists to resolve any loose ends for the next week or six months.

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