Smooth Selling (1 of 4 in a series)

A Real estate transaction today will be nearly overwhelmed you with paper and paperwork.  Anybody buying or selling real estate doesn’t need to be told that it can be stressful.  A Seller can minimize a lot of the stress by preparing reports, disclosures and inspections ahead, rather than waiting until a Buyer is involved.    When selling your home the more prepared you are the smoother the sale will be.  Most transactions have some surprises or some hiccups, however you have a far greater chance of “smooth selling” if you are prepared.

What is all this paperwork? A buyer can make a much better offer if they can review a “package” prior to writing an offer. A “package” can include any and all of the following items listed below and this list is not all-inclusive.  We get new forms and requirements regularly.   A particular property, or real office may have different and/or additional items. Your REALTOR® will help you determine what applies to your property.  This month I will print the list and discuss the first 4 items.  We will continue next month.

  1. Print Data Public Records 
  2. San Mateo County Assessors Map
  3. Zoning Map
  4. Preliminary Title Report
  5. Features list
  6. Multiple Listing information
  7. Agency Disclosure
  8. Seller's Disclosure Advisory
  9. Real Estate Office Disclosure
  10. 'As Is" Disclaimer/Hold Harmless Addendum
  11. Coastside Communities Information Addendum (& attached e. which follows)
  12. HMB Airport - Map, Noise Abatement Procedures, Land Use/Average Sound Levels
  13. Non-foreign Seller Affidavit
  14. Smoke Detector Certification
  15. Water Heater Certification
  16. Mold Disclosures (5-6 pages CAR)
  17. Permission to Examine Public Records (of San Mateo County and/or the City of Half Moon Bay)
  18. Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement, fully executed by Seller & Seller's Agent
  19. PRDS Supplemental Seller Checklist
  20. Environmental Hazards, Earthquake Safety and Protection from Lead Booklet(s)
  21. Residential Earthquake Hazards Report (If property built prior to 1960)
  22. Lead-Based Paint & Lead-Based Paint Hazards (If property built prior to 1978)
  23. California-American Water Company Disclosures (1 pg 2002, 4 pages 2001-Moss Beach/Montara Only)
  24. Report -Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement
  25. Enviro Check Disclosure Report
  26. Property Inspection Report
  27. Structural Termite Report
  28. Well Reports
  29. Septic Tank Inspections
  30. Chimney Inspection
  31. Roof Report
  32. Home Owner Association Documents
  33. Receipts For Repairs, Corrections, And/Or Replacements Made To The Property, If Any Available
  34. Montara Or Moss Beach Fire Department Smoke Detector Certification, Provided At Close Of Escrow

Gathering the first items will enable you to give factual data for the multiple listing and to address any incorrect records.  Seeing what the public records reflect will allow you to present, or correct information.  On most developed property, the assessor’s records show the ownership of the property, the square footage of the home, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  The Assessors Maps will show the parcel size and configuration.  If there is something adjacent (like open space or commercial property), or if your property includes more than one parcel, a copy of the map can be very useful.  Also look at the zoning map to be sure of the current zoning.  Zoning impacts the use, the set backs and what can be done with the property in the future.  Ordering the preliminary title report ahead of time, will allow you to verify that ownership, loans and that any other officially recorded information that impacts your property is accurate.   Title issues cannot always be corrected quickly, so looking ahead of time, will allow you to get a head start if there is anything that needs to be dealt with.

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