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Selling Your Home? Get It Ready!

What are you aiming for getting a home ready for sale? The aim is to have your home appear attractive from first sight onward without distractions. Many, if not most of us, don’t live in our home the way it may sell best.

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Property Taxes – Reduce your valuation with a bit of caution

When you purchase a property, most of us are aware that property taxes an amount equal to 1% of the value of the property that you purchase (less a home owners exemption, if applicable, plus any special assessments that apply).  Your property tax bill amount can then be increased by the County Assessor’s office in one of two ways: 1.)  The amount of your actual taxes may be increased by 2% per year (if the value of your property has increased).  2.) 1% of the value of a major renovation or addition that you do can be added to your existing property tax bill.

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What Do Real Agents Do For a Seller?

While each of us works a bit differently the following should give you the scope of what we do.  First and foremost it is what we do before we see you as a client.  It is the combination of our experience, education and active role in the real estate field that gives us the base of expertise to be able to help you sell your property.  A professional agent knows what the current marketplace is like, has been previewing properties for years, knows what type properties are selling quickly, what type are languishing and other market conditions that will impact the marketing of yours.

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What Determines Property Value?

In an affluent area like ours, we have many choices in the quality of a home, particularly if we are willing to pay for the quality. Until I built my first home 35 years ago, I never understood why people built simple, rectangular homes. I began to learn that the least expensive home to build is a simple rectangle and although it is not difficult to build a more attractive, interesting home - it takes more money.

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Does Your Property Still Work For You?

If you own real estate, when you purchased it, you were motivated, consciously, or unconsciously to meet certain needs.  If you've owned real estate for 5 years or more, some of the reasons that you sought a particular property may have changed.  There are many remedies for changing needs besides selling, although selling can be one of the solutions. 

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